BioPharma Services Inc. offers comprehensive services for the conduct of Clinical Trials involving Antisense compounds.

Antisense compounds are a form of treatment for genetic disorders or infections. When the genetic sequence of a particular gene is known to be the cause of a particular disease, it is possible to synthesize a strand of nucleic acid (DNA, RNA or a chemical analogue) that will bind to the mRNA produced by that gene and inactivate it, effectively turning the gene “off.”3pic3

Currently, there are more than a hundred oligonucleotides in the pipelines of approximately 30 Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.  Of these, over 40 compounds have moved into clinical trials for indications such as cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases; with half of these therapies in advanced stages of development.

BioPharma has successfully conducted studies with antisense compounds in the following therapeutic areas: Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Cardiology and Immunology.

Antisense Compounds – The BioPharma Advantage